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«Zero Star Hotels» - soon Worldwide?
Marco Kamber, 26 January, 2009

Artists Frank and Patrik Riklin’s idea of the Null-Stern-Hotel (Zero Star Hotel) fascinated the businessman Daniel Charbonnier. United they now plan to open «Zero Star Hotels» worldwide.

Although the hotel is not even open yet, Frank and Patrik Riklin from the «Atelier für Sonderaufgaben» (Studio for special works), provoked with their idea a massive media echo.

Now the project took another dimension: Together with the Hospitality Advisor Daniel Charbonnier, the twin artists now plan to open such value-oriented accommodations under their own label “Zero Star Hotels”
all over the world.

It was Charbonnier himself who contacted the St Gallener to present this business proposition. “I saw a TV report on the project and I was stunned”, explains this international hospitality professional, who worked for some of the best establishments over his 20 years experience.

He finds the hospitality “new vision of the Riklins revolutionary. The twins are obviously happy to have met him and they do not hold back compliments and declaring: “With all his experience, he is the actual project manager”.  He contributes to evolving their art into a profitable business model.

The idea of the Zero Star Hotels in Sevelen fascinated the Hospitality Specialist Daniel Charbonnier (middle, with founding twin-brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin) (Picture: mak)

Translated from German