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Daniel Charbonnier wants to open Zero-Star-Hotel Chain
27 January, 2009

STUTTGART. Minimalism instead of Luxury: The businessman Daniel Charbonnier is fascinated by the idea of the Zero Star Hotel, art piece by the creators Frank and Patrik Riklin.
Together, they now plan to launch globally their own label "Zero Star Hotels".

Although the Sevelen "Zero Star Hotel" has not opened yet, it already is in all conversations. Artists Frank and Patrik Riklin owe this buzz about their idea to transform a fallout shelter into functional accommodation to numerous media reports.

Hospitality Advisor Daniel Charbonnier’s interest was triggered when he discovered the concept.
According to Swiss online Newspaper, he works on a spectacular project: Together with the twin St. Gallener artists to globally launch the Zero Star Hotels brand.

Charbonnier has been working for the past 20 years in the international hospitality business and he sees the Riklins Innovation as revolutionary.
The twins are excited about this partnership. “With his experience he is the ideal Project Manager”, says Frank Riklin before adding, “He contributes to professionalizing our art in order to integrating it into a business plan”.

Translated from German