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Advisory Feasibility and market studies
Financial analysis and projections
Legal matters including due diligence, expert witness preparation and contract negotiation
Marketing concept and branding
Human resources structure and policy
Asset management and return on investment
Operational Menu re-engineering to improve popularity with profitability
Revenue management and pricing strategy
Standard operating procedures and quality management program (mystery shopper)
Techniques and tools for recruiting, retaining and developing workforce
Optimizing cost of sales by efficient inventory and cost control systems
Space allocation and seamless service flow
Tailored coaching material for management and employees
Educational and Training Sales and selling techniques
Team management and multi-cultural challenges
Managing change
Leadership and management skills
Winning negotiations
Hotels as investment vehicles - hotel brokerage
Casino development and operations
Hotel management companies and owners
Spas as revenue generators
Sustainable eco-tourism

Please note that the aforementioned educational and training topics are only a selection and can be tailored to fit your needs.

We look forward to meeting you and submitting a detailed proposal addressing your specific needs.