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Zero star hotels

There is only one record of a zero star rating to date. It is the Null Stern Hotel in Sevelen, Switzerland. It is a converted nuclear bunker. The Null Stern Hotel was the artistic brain child of Frank and Patrik Riklin, which was then turned into a business.

Hotel ratings

The star classification system is a common one for rating hotels. Higher star ratings indicate more luxury.
The AAA and their affiliated bodies use diamonds instead of stars to express hotel and restaurant ratings levels.
Hotels are independently assessed in traditional systems and rest heavily on the facilities provided. Some consider this disadvantageous to smaller hotels whose quality of accommodation could fall into one class but the lack of an item such as an elevator would prevent it from reaching a higher categorization.

Standards of hotel classification

Many countries allow various classification systems for hotels in accordance to chain name and type of hotel, however, there is no universal classification which has been adopted. There have been attempts at unifying the classification system so that it becomes an internationally recognized and reliable standard but large differences exist in the quality of the accommodation and the size and design of the accommodation, which play an integral part in defining which hotel category the specific accommodation fits. Food services, entertainment, view, room variations such as size and additional amenities, spas and fitness centers and location are also vital in establishing a standard. The more common classification systems include 'star' rating, letter grading, from 'A' to 'F', diamond (which is, in theory, similar to the star rating system), and simply a 'satisfactory' or 'unsatisfactory' footnote to unique property accommodations such as hostels and motels. Systems using terms such as Deluxe/ Luxury, First Class/ Superior, Tourist Class/ Standard, and Budget Class/ Economy are more widely accepted as hotel types, rather than hotel standards.